An E-Ticket is a ticket created by the promoter of an event in the form of a .pdf (portable document format) file. E-Tickets can be printed on a standard printer and used for entry to the event. Over the past two years E-Tickets are becomming more and more prevalent in the ticketing industry, due to their convenience for both the promoter and the customer.

At we use E-TIckets as our preferred method for purchasing tickets (when available) for a few key reasons.

1) E-Tickets can be sent and recieved instantaneously via email. This allows us to assure our customers that they will recieve their tickets in a timely fashion, and will not have to worry about recieving their tickets in time for the event.

2) E-Tickets are less expensive for our customers than paying for any alternative shipping method.

3) E-Tickets are better on the environment than using conventional souveniour tickets that have a glossy coating which is non-biodegradable. The production methods used to mass produce these glossy tickets can also be harmful to the environment. Using E-Tickets can also cut down on the carbon footprint made by cars, trucks, and airplanes used in traditional shipping methods.

At we strive to do whatever we can to make our customer's ticket purchasing experience as simple, straighforward, and pleasant as possible. We believe that using E-Ticketing whenever possible helps us to achieve that goal.